Kid's Church

During our Sunday services we have a Kids programme, where the children are taught from the Bible about God and His love for us in Jesus. Jesus loves the little ones and welcomes them in and so we love having the little ones in for the service, where we sing, pray and read the Bible. Just before the sermon the Kids head out to Kids Church and just like in the service, we read the Bible and pray and hear more about God’s love and kindness to us in Jesus.

Term 3, 2023

Journey to the Promised Land

This series follows the Israelites as they journey from Mount Sinai to the land God had promised his people. It begins with God’s instructions to Moses for building the tabernacle so that God could live amongst them.

But the Israelites kept turning away – they decided for themselves what God was like and made him out to be a golden calf; they refused to trust his promises even when they saw how good the land was; they rejected God’s chosen leaders; and complained constantly. Even Moses disobeyed!

God punished them to show his people that he is a holy God, but he was also merciful each time and always saved them. The series ends with Moses reminding the people of God’s goodness throughout their forty years in the desert and warning them not to disobey now that they have reached the edge of the Promised Land.

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