Kid's Church

During our Sunday services we have a Kids programme, where the children are taught from the Bible about God and His love for us in Jesus. Jesus loves the little ones and welcomes them in and so we love having the little ones in for the service, where we sing, pray and read the Bible. Just before the sermon the Kids head out to Kids Church and just like in the service, we read the Bible and pray and hear more about God’s love and kindness to us in Jesus.

Term 4, 2023

The King of Christmas

This series contains four lessons covering the first two chapters of Matthew's gospel.

The first lesson is somewhat introductory and it explores the genealogy of Jesus. The genealogy shows that Joseph (Jesus' earthly father) comes from the line of Abraham and King David. We expect the promises made to Abraham and David to be fulfilled in Jesus who is thought to be the son of Joseph.

The second lesson shows how Jesus is the son of Joseph by adoption. An angel explains to Joseph that Jesus is God the Son in human form. Joseph must accept him as his own child. Jesus is a unique baby (fully God and fully human) and he has a unique role – he will save people from their sins.

The third and fourth lessons focus on the Magi and King Herod and draw out the two vastly different responses to the news that Jesus is the Promised King: The Magi worship Jesus and Herod plots to kill him. But God acts to ensure that his Son is kept safe from Herod. Jesus will be King.

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