Sermon Recordings

TitleBible Passage(s)SpeakerDate
Promise, Law & ChristGalatians 3:15-29Jared Venter2024-07-21
Taking Dominion in a Lapsed WorldGenesis 3:14-24Joseph Willmer2024-07-14
The Priests' Polluted OfferingsMalachi 1:6-14Tom Richards2024-07-07
The Cursed Christ and the Blessed BelieversGalatians 3:7-14Jared Venter2024-06-30
Living in God's StrengthGalatians 3:1-6Jared Venter2024-06-23
In the Lions' DenDaniel 6Shawn Tan2024-06-16
Justification by FaithGalatians 2:15-21Jared Venter2024-06-09
Unyielding Gospel FaithfulnessGalatians 2:1-14Jared Venter2024-06-02
Commissioned for Christ's MissionActs 20:17-24Michael Venter2024-05-26
The Circus is in TownGenesis 3:1-13Joseph Willmer2024-05-19
The Gospel that Turned Paul AroundGalatians 1:11-24Owen Venter2024-05-12
No Other GospelGalatians 1:1-10Jared Venter2024-05-05
The Good News of the TrinityJohn 15:26-16:33Rob Cox2024-04-21
The Good News and the good news of worksJames 2:14-26William Murphy2024-04-14
Rest for Any SeasonPsalm 4:1-8Jason Cockrell2024-04-07
The Risen KingLuke 24:1-12Jared Venter2024-03-31
Our Greatest DebtJohn 19:16-30Jared Venter2024-03-29
The Humble KingLuke 19:28-40Jared Venter2024-03-24
Jesus Unites with us to bear fruit John15:1-27Rob Cox2024-03-17
Glory DaysExodus 15:1-21Jared Venter2024-03-10
The Importance of Being Right2 Peter 1:12-21Donovan Morling2024-03-03
Come Into The Light1 John 1:1-2:2Jared Venter2024-02-25
YHWH Defeats EnemiesExodus 13:17 - 14:31Jared Venter2024-02-18
Knowing the Way2 Peter 1:1-11Donovan Morling2024-02-11
The Exodus Exodus 12:33-13:16Jared Venter2024-02-04
The PassoverExodus 11:1-12:32Jared Venter2024-01-28
The PlaguesExodus 7-10Jared Venter2024-01-21
The Beatific Vision1 John 2:28-3:3William Murphy2024-01-14
The Day of the LordJoel 1:1-2:11Martin Ricquebourg2024-01-07
Gratefully Enjoying what God has Graciously GivenPhilippians 4:10-13Jared Venter2023-12-31
Joy to the WorldPsalm 98Jared Venter2023-12-25
The Meaning of ChristmasLuke 2:1-12Jared Venter2023-12-24
God's Order is the Only OrderGenesis 2:4-25Joseph Willmer2023-12-17
Our Great High PreistHebrews 4:14-16Jared Venter2023-12-10
Plan AExodus 6:1 - 7:6Jared Venter2023-12-03
Two Criminals and a KingLuke 23:32-43Charles Roennfeldt2023-11-26
Why Assurance is Worth SeekingJohn10:22-30Josh van der kooij2023-11-19
Where is God when things get Tough?Exodus 5:1 6:1Jared Venter2023-11-12
God is Not Limited by Our LimitationsExodus 4Jared Venter2023-11-05
Envy and IdolsPsalm 73Shawn Tan2023-10-29
I AMExodus 3Jared Venter2023-10-15
The Ultimate Act of LoveJohn 19:17-42William Murphy2023-10-08
Fight The Good Fight1 Timothy 6:11-16Tim Ireland2023-10-01
What Made Jesus MarvelMatthew 8:5-13Rob Cox2023-09-24
Jesus' Gospel: The News That Strengthens Us To Endure2 Timothy 2:1-13Jared Venter2023-09-17
God's Covenant LoveExodus 2Jared Venter2023-09-10
God Keeps His PromisesExodus 1Jared Venter2023-09-03
Stop Fighting and Know that the Lord is GodPsalm 46Campbell Markham2023-08-27
Who is Defiled?Matthew 15:1-20Craig Newill2023-08-20
The Lamb SlainMark 14:10-25Jared Venter2023-08-13
How Significant Are You?Mark 14:1-9Rob Cox2023-08-06
The Return of the KingMark 13:1-37Jared Venter2023-07-30
The Machine is Currently Out of OrderGenesis 1:1-2:3Joseph Willmer2023-07-23
How Do You Respond to Suffering Romans 8:18-30Michael Venter2023-07-16
The Delight in God's HousePsalm 84Jason Cockrell2023-07-09
Beyond Human Intelligence1 Corinthians 2:6-16Martin Ricquebourg2023-07-02
The Scribes and the WidowMark 12:38-44Jared Venter2023-06-25
David's Son and David's LordMark 12:35-37Jared Venter2023-06-18
What does the Christian Mind Look Like?Philippians 2:1-5Anton Noppers2023-06-11
What is the Church For?1 Peter 2:4-10Donovan Morling2023-06-04
Loving God and Loving PeopleMark 12:28-34Jared Venter2023-05-28
God's Word and God's WorkMark 12:18-27Jared Venter2023-05-21
Giving Back What We OweMark 12:13-17Jared Venter2023-05-14
Make Every Effort to Grow in Godliness2 Peter 1Campbell Markham2023-05-07
Enemies of the Heir BewareMark 12:1-12Jared Venter2023-04-30
Have Faith in GodMark 11:12-33Rob Cox2023-04-23
Was Blind but Now I SeeMark 10:46-52Jared Venter2023-04-16
Jesus is AliveMark 16:1-8Jared Venter2023-04-09
Forsaken to ForgiveMark 14:26 - 15:47Jared Venter2023-04-07
The King's CourageMark 11:1-11Ivan Hunter2023-04-02
Jesus' Mission to SaveMark 10:32-45Jared Venter2023-03-26
Dealing with Difficulty and Danger2 Kings 6:1-23Donovan Morling2023-03-12
There's More to Life Than ThisMark 9:33-50Jared Venter2023-03-05
Christ's Vision for SocietyMatthew 13:24-43Matt Waldron2023-02-26
The ProphecyMark 9:9-13, 30-32Jared Venter2023-02-19
The Exorcism: Having faith in a faithless generation Mark 9:14-29Jared Venter2023-02-12
The TransfigurationMark 9:2-13Jared Venter2023-02-05
Refuge found in Steadfast LovePsalm 36Jason Cockrell2023-01-29
The Pharisee and the Tax CollectorLuke 18:9-14Jared Venter2023-01-22
Deliverer From ExileMatthew 1:1, 11-17Jared Venter2023-01-15
Son of DavidMatthew 1:6-11Jared Venter2023-01-08
Son of AbrahamMatthew 1:1-6Jared Venter2023-01-01
Jesus Was Born So We Could Be Born AgainJohn 3:1-21Jared Venter2022-12-25
God and Sinners Reconciled2 Corinthians 5:14-21Jared Venter2022-12-18
Jesus' Name - The Real Meaning of ChristmasMatthew 1:18-25Jared Venter2022-12-11
Seeing and Seeing: Jesus is the Christ who SuffersMark 8:22-9:1Jared Venter2022-12-04
Do you not yet understand?Mark 7:31 - 8:21Jared Venter2022-11-27
Nothing In My Hand I BringMark 7:24-30Jared Venter2022-11-20
The Heart of the ProblemMark 6:53-7:23Jared Venter2022-11-13
Feeding the 5000 and Walking on the SeaMark 6:30-52Jared Venter2022-11-06
One Prophet, Two Bears and 42 Reasons to Fear the Lord2 Kings 2:15-25Martin Ricquebourg2022-10-30
Compromise KillsMark 6:14-29Jared Venter2022-10-23
Jesus sends out the twelveMark 6: 7-13Jared Venter2022-10-16
Unwelcome HomeMark 6:1-6Jared Venter2022-10-09
Jesus Heals the Sick and Raises the Dead - Stronger than Sickness and DeathMark 5:21-43Jared Venter2022-10-02
Pete's TestimonyTestimonyVisiting Preacher2022-09-25
Jesus Casts out Demons - Stronger than the DemonicMark 5:1-20Rob Cox2022-09-25
Jesus Calms the Storm: Stronger than the ElementsMark 4:35-41Jared Venter2022-09-18
The Light, the Harvest and the KingdomMark 4:21-34Jared Venter2022-09-11
The Resurrection and the LifeJohn 11:1-44Donovan Morling2022-09-04
The Parable of the SowerMark 4:1-20Jared Venter2022-08-28
Urban Coconuts PresentationMinistry UpdateTom Richards2022-08-21
Equipping us for Christian Ministry2 Corinthians 2:12-3:6Tom Richards2022-08-21
Where is God when Good People Die?1 Kings 21Donovan Morling2022-08-14
The ReplacementsMark 3:7-35Jared Venter2022-08-07
Foolish for what ReasonGalatians 3:1-14Fletcher Creelman2022-07-31
The 'Light' and 'The Lights'John 8:12-30Roger Palmer2022-07-24
Love Your EnemiesLuke 6:27-36Rob Cox2022-07-17
Well that Escalated QuicklyMark 3:1-6Jared Venter2022-07-10
Give it a Rest PharisessMark 2:23-28Jared Venter2022-07-03
Party TimeMark 2:18-22Jared Venter2022-06-26
Jesus Welcomes SinnersMark 2:13-17Jared Venter2022-06-19
Jesus Forgives SinMark 2:1-12Jared Venter2022-06-12
The Life of PrayerJames 5:13-20Roger Palmer2022-06-05
Jesus' Authority and PriorityMark 1:29-45Jared Venter2022-05-29
The Promised, Everlasting King2 Samuel 7:1-17William Murphy2022-05-22
Perfect Prophet, Priest and KingMark 1:9-15Jared Venter2022-05-15
The Promised KingMark 1:1-9Jared Venter2022-05-08
Jesus: The King Who SavesMark 1:1Jared Venter2022-05-01

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